CAM350 er markedets mest brugervenlige værktøj til verifikation og editering af Gerberfiler. Programmet der er modulopbygget kan let tilpasses til den enkelte virksomheds behov. Specielt softwarens håndtering af paneler er suveræne og og muligheden for at konvertere Gerberdata til intelligent CAD-format, er en CAM350 Speciallitet.

Reverse Enginnering modulet kan købes separat. Med Reverse Engineering kan du, ud fra en gerberfil skabe en inelligent CAD database. Du skal bare indlæse din gerberfil, markere hvilke pads der hører til hvilke komponenter, generere en netliste og derefter exportere en ASCII fil til næsten alle PCB Layout sytemer på markedet.

Bestil brochure på +45 46 15 44 64.

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Lær mere om CAM350. Se de inspirerende video præsentatione og web-demoer af CAM350.


De moduler som finns till CAM350 er følgende:

  • Export - Export Gerber (274D,274X,Fire9000,Barco DPF), NC Drill& Mill (Excellon, Sieb & Meyer), IPC-D-350, Netlists (all proprietary netlists, IPC-D-356 & 356A)
  • Modification - Make Edits, Additions, and Changes.
  • Optimization - Draw-to-Custom, Draw-to-Flash, and Draw-to-Raster Polygon Conversion, Netlist Extraction, Silkscreen Clipping, Redundant Pad and Data Removal, and Teardropping.
  • MRC/DRC - Spacing Checks, Annular Ring Checks, Spacing Histogram, Copper Area Calculation, Layer Compare, Net Check.
  • Streams Rule Check - a user can now run Design Rule (DRC), Design for Manufacturing (DFF & DFM), and Netlist Comparison together in one checklist. The user can also create, save and recall multiple "Streams" based on design technology, and/or manufacturing capabilities. Streams Rule Check also supports the capability of executing different analysis in special areas such as BGA or Wire Bond, and running a standard analysis on the rest of the design, all from one "Stream".
  • Macro debugger - Debugger for Macro Script development. Set watch points and intelligent break points, analyze variables, etc.
  • Panel Editor - Automates the panelization process. Allows for creation of panel templates, intelligent coupons, pinning holes, fiducials, and title blocks. Populate panels in either an automatic stepping mode or use a spreadsheet for total control. Venting and thieving are fully automated as well, processing multiple layers in either a positive or negative polarity with user defined patterns.
  • Basic NC Editor - Used for working with NC-Drill and NC-Mill data. Importing, exporting, and creation capabilities are included. Minor editing is also included for the purposes of changing drill tool definitions, adding basic mill paths to assembly panels, and changing or working with break tabs.
  • Advanced NC Editor - New editing environment automates fabrication efforts involving milling and drilling of printed circuit boards and panels.
  • DXF Interface - Bi-directional DXF support for CAM350. Handles filled solids, true text, blocks, nested blocks, builds aperture table automatically, and more.
  • DFF Audit - Searches your design for Acid Traps, Copper Slivers, and Soldermask Slivers. Automatically repairs manufacturability problems such as acid traps, copper slivers, mask slivers, starved thermals, and solder bridging due to mask coverage. All DFF Audits are backward compatible with PowerPCB through the use of DirectCAM.
  • ODB++ Interface - Import and Export the Valor ODB++ exchange format. This offers increased compatibility with various Fabrication houses and is comparable to our own DirectCAM exchange format that PowerPCB produces to interface with CAM350.
  • Quote Agent - Used to extract the necessary information needed to allow a PCB Fabricator to quote their job for manufacturing. Customer and shop characteristics can be stored within "parameter" (or agent) files. Choose any agent file and run it against any PCB dataset. Once the characteristics of the job have been obtained, a hardcopy report is then generated.
  • MRC Agent - Automates the analysis process of any given PCB dataset. Pick one of 80 different checks, configure it, and then store the information in a "parameter" file. The parameter files can then be run against any PCB dataset. Upon completion of the analysis you are presented with a report file.
  • Reverse Engineering - A feature unique to FabFactory and CAM350, Reverse Engineering allows you to start with non-intelligent Gerber data and work it back in to an intelligent format a CAD system will understand. Items that are supported included Netlist information, Part information with RefDes, as well as some Attribute data. Please check with your sales representative as to which CAD interfaces support Attributes.
  • Flying Probe Test Fixturing - Generate flying (moving) probe test information in a snap using our fully integrated Flying Probe Editor. Supports many industry tester formats.
  • Bed of Nails Test Fixturing - Clamshell testing made simple using a fully integrated Bed-of-Nails Editor. Supports many industry test formats.
  • DirectCAD Interfaces
    - PADS Import/Export
    - GenCad Import/Export
    - Accel Import/Export
    - Zuken Redac Visula Import/Export
    - Mentor Graphics Import






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