Februar 2011
CAM350 10.5

Featured in the latest release of CAM350 is DownStream’s new Design Analyzer – a new method to analyze the contents and complexity of a PCB design against the capabilities of the PCB fabricator.

- Paste Mask Analysis – Streams RC has been enhanced to now include paste mask analysis.
- BluePrint PCB Panel Integration – The interface between BluePrint-PCB and CAM350 has been improved.
- Large Memory Access – Large Address Aware has been incorporated in CAM350.
- DXF Improvements – Both the import and the export have been updated to support newer releases of AutoCAD.
- Streams RC Update – Copper Slivers, Mask Sliver, Track to Pad and Track to Track analysis have been updated

Februar 2011
BluePrint 3.0

  • Panel Drawing Enhancements – Flip panel support, flipped images are supported in panel setup, and flipped image updates supports mapped layer display
  • Auto Calculation User Interface Improvements – Auto calculation settings for panel matrix can be maintained in spreadsheet mode for panel setup
  • Corner Chamfering – Panel corner chamfering can now be defined in the panel setup
  • Web Route Display Improvements – Web route display merging now removes score line display for score lines that intersect web routes, and Web route display also removes web route display for web routes that cross inside board outlines
  • Align Mill Tabs – Snapping to mill tabs is updated for mill tab placement, dimensioning to mill tabs and mill tab alignment
  • Performance Improvements – Performance updates were made for designs with complex board outlines
  • Full Scaling Support - Scaling support was added for Panel drawing setup
  • Pinning Hole/Fiducial improvements - Can specify for Panel, for PCB or both

There have also been additional Documentation enhancements made to:

Exploded View Modifications

  • Reference Designator Cleanup for Overlapping Components
  • Display Order Control for Data Types
  • Alignment Updates
  • Search Window Updates
  • User Interface Customization can be Saved and Restored
  • Mentor Boardstation® Import Update
  • Merge BluePrint-PCB® Files

Januar 2011
PADS 9.3
- ECAD/MCAD Collaborator – new option
- Expedition PCB to PADS Import
- New Tutorial Guide
- Arcs in Differential Pairs
- Full ODB++ Export

PADS 9.2 kan hentes på Mentors SupportNet: http://supportnet.mentor.com/

Juni 2010
PADS 9.2
- IPC Libraries
- Layout and Router Synchronization Mode
- Migration of User Settings
- Flood Over Component Pads and Custom thermal Pads
- Net Name Visibility
- ECO Update
- Decal Wizard Update – Thermal Pads
- Update Selected from Library in PADS Logic
- Windows 7 support
- Differential Pair Improvements

PADS 9.2 kan hentes påMentors SupportNet: http://supportnet.mentor.com/

Januar 2010
PADS 9.1
PADS 9.1 har släppts med bland annat följande nyheter:
- Smart PDF för både Layout och Logic. Ny licensfil behövs
- ODB++ Output
- IPC Decal wizard
- Net Bridging
- PADS Archiver
- Update from library (layout)

PADS 9.1 kan hentes på Mentors SupportNet: http://supportnet.mentor.com/

Oktober 2009
ModelSim DE -ny produkt
Insertions, SecureIP m.m.

Nu kommer storebroderen til ModelSim PE og tilføjer Assertions, Xilinx Secure IP, Codecoverage og Linux support.

Oktober 2009
BluePrint v2.1
BluePrint 2.1 kan hentes hos DownStream

Innehåll i BP 2.1:
-Improved speed to place and drag PCB Views (2X)
-Improved snapping to PCB View objects (2X)
-Improved PCB view highlighting and selection algorithms (5X)
-Improved highlighting of copper pours (5X)
-Optimized Zoom command (4X)
-Improved Exploded View generation (2X)
-Optimized display of reference designators (2X)
-Faster Link Window generation (2X)
-Optimized Drill settings selection in the Format PCB View dialog (2X)
-Optimized File Export of DXF and PDF files (2X)
-Optimized BluePrint File Save and Open operations (2X)
-Optimized Panel Array generation (2X)
-Fabrication manager optimization (memory usage)
-Quality improvements for error handling of all import routines
-Quality improvements for undo/redo commands
-Quality improvements to text editor operation


Oktober 2009
CAM350 v10.1
CAM350 v10.1 kan hentes hos DownStream

Innehåll i CAM350 10.1:
-Gerber Import and Export Improvements
-ODB++ Import Improvements
-Netlist Extract Updates
-PADS Import Updates


Juli 2009
PADS 9.01
Nu kan du hente PADS 9.0.1.

Availability for on support customers:
CD: http://supportnet.mentor.com/downloads/cd_request.cfm?sku=200906031
Download Page: http://supportnet.mentor.com/downloads/200906031.cfm?product=C115-S123-G145-P10181
PADS 9.0.1 Release Notes: supportnet.mentor.com/docs/200906031/release_docs/PADS_rn.pdf
PADS 9.0.1 Release Highlights: supportnet.mentor.com/docs/200906031/release_docs/PADS_rh.pdf

Maj 2009
PADS 9.0
Nu finns PADS v9.0 att ladda ner från SupportNet: http://supportnet.mentor.com/

Några nyheter i PADS v9.0:

  • 3D Viewer
  • Rundade/avklippta hörn på paddar
    IPC-D-356 export
  • DRC check på enkelsidiga kort

Whats new in PADS 9.0


December 2008
DownStream släpper CAM350 v10 och BluePrint v2
Nu finns nya versioner av CAM350 och BluePrint att ladda ner från DownStreams hemsida.

CAM350 v10, kan hentes på: http://www.downstreamtech.com/Support_CAM/Download_options10.html
BluePrint v2, kan hentes på: http://www.downstreamtech.com/Support_BP/BluePrint_customers.html

December 2008
DownStream nyhetsblad hösten 2008
DownStreams senaste nyhetsblad, Data Flows, finns nu att hämta på deras hemsida.



  • BluePrint Panel Drawing–Panel Array Functionality
  • CAM350 Navigation Changes – Version 10.0
  • Patent Approved – BluePrint is Patent Protected
  • BluePrint-4-PADS Special – Only $1250 - a 45% Savings!
  • Reverse Engineering Demos – 3 Part Online Demonstration
  • CAM350 10.0 Training – January 16th in Atlanta GA

Oktober 2008
PADS 2007.4
En ny version av PADS finns att hämta på http://supportnet.mentor.com/
Äntligen kommer DxDesigner 2007 till PADS

August 2008
PADS 2007.3
En ny version af PADS kan hentes på http://supportnet.mentor.com/
Nu kommer DxDesigner 2007 till PADS.

August 2008
DownStream News sommer 2008
kan hentes på. http://www.downstreamtech.com/Newsletter/dataflows.html


  • A Strategic Milestone
    BluePrint® and CAM350® Integration
  • CAM350® – Version 10.0 Coming this Fall
  • PCB Designs Re-paneled in Fabrication
    Did you know?
  • BluePrint-PCB® 2.0 and CAM350® 10.0
    Unified Installation Media
  • CAM350 Pad Modification
    For Stencils, Mask, and Paste Layers
  • VAR Spotlight: Avid Technologies





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